sleep regeneration spray
sleep regeneration spray
sleep regeneration spray
sleep regeneration spray
sleep regeneration spray

sleep regeneration spray

with TINYsphere® Technology delivery system
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  • 30ml – 3 month supply
Our sleep regeneration spray features active ingredients Melatonin and Astaxanthin, best administered before bedtime. This formulation serves as an effective sleep support liquid, facilitating quicker sleep onset and promoting deep, restorative sleep. During sleep, Astaxanthin, a potent natural antioxidant, safeguards cells, organs, nervous system, eyes, and skin.

Utilizing the innovative and scientifically proven TINYsphere® Technology developed by German universities, our oral spray ensures maximum absorption, superior bioavailability, and rapid action of the active ingredients. This technology results in a 7-fold increase in the efficacy of Astaxanthin and a 2-fold increase in the efficacy of Melatonin.

Our sleep regeneration spray is designed for individuals struggling to attain restorative sleep and serves as an optimal nighttime health companion. This sleep antioxidant spray aids in achieving deep, rejuvenating sleep and enhancing the sleep-wake cycle. Additionally, it serves as a valuable travel essential for journeys spanning various time zones, alleviating symptoms of jet lag and promoting improved sleep onset and synchronization of the circadian rhythm.


Amount per spray pump: 0.11 mg

Recommended daily dose: 2 spray pumps

Astaxanthin stands as one of nature's most potent antioxidants, surpassing vitamin C by 6,000 times and vitamin E by 550 times in strength. It effectively combats chronic inflammation and has shown promise in studies for preventing conditions like diabetes mellitus and male infertility. Its robust anti-inflammatory properties contribute to cardiovascular health and joint function. Additionally, Astaxanthin is celebrated for promoting skin health, shielding against UV damage, and maintaining a youthful appearance.


Amount per spray pump: 1 mg

Recommended daily dose: 2 spray pumps

Melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating the sleep-wake cycle, occurs naturally in the human body. Produced from serotonin by the pineal gland within the interbrain, melatonin acts as our internal clock. While cortisol, the stress hormone, keeps us alert during the day, melatonin aids in quicker sleep onset, improves sleep quality, extends sleep duration, and mitigates the effects of jet lag.

Utilizing the innovative TINYsphere®Technology developed by esteemed German universities, the active ingredients in our sleep regeneration spray are delivered into the bloodstream via microscopically small droplets through the oral mucosa. This innovative method results in significantly reduced metabolization through the intestine and liver, allowing a higher concentration of active ingredients to reach their target swiftly, ensuring:

- Maximum absorption

- Superior bioavailability

- Fast-acting properties

Compared to conventional forms such as capsules or tablets, the active ingredient Astaxanthin in sleep exhibits a 7-fold increase in bioavailability, indicating it is absorbed 7 times more effectively by the body. Similarly, the active ingredient Melatonin in sleep demonstrates a 2-fold increase in bioavailability, signifying it is absorbed 2 times more efficiently by the body.

Health Benefits

Helps to improve sleep quality

Helps to prolong sleep duration

Strong oxidation protection

Supports cell health & function


Astaxanthin is one of the most effective natural antioxidants. It has an antioxidant effect

  • 6,000 times stronger than Vitamin C
  • 800 times stronger than Coenzyme Q10
  • 550 times stronger than Vitamin E

At the same time Astaxanthin works against chronic inflammation.

These properties make it virtually a patron saint of human cells and organs, the nervous system, the eyes as well as the skin!

The positive effects of taking supplements in general can vary between individuals. The desired effects of improved sleep quality and sleep duration will show after several continuous intakes. 

It is beneficial to supplement with elivity sleep, while you are experiencing sleep difficulties. Once you feel that your sleeping patterns have improved you may switch to occasionally intake as needed.

Yes, absolutely! In fact our products are formulated to complement each other and best results are achieved if they are taken in combination.  Every elivity product is formulated to address a different category within the broad spectrum of longevity mechanisms and cell health. To optimize your healthy aging process check out our elivity longevity bundles here (link to bundles).  

As with any health supplement or nutraceutical we strongly advise you to consult with your health practitioner before taking elivity supplements.

Take 2 spray pumps and let it work under the tongue for approximately 1 minute. 

The active ingredients embedded in microscopic droplets in this TINYsphere® formulation can be absorbed by the body through the oral mucosa in maximum quantity and in the shortest possible time. Since the absorption does not occur in the gastrointestinal tract, the application is independent of meals. 

Please shake well before use.

elivity sleep should be stored in a dry place, away from heat and light.

It is important to follow our recommended dosage and directions for use. elivity products are safe and should not cause any undesirable side effects. However, if you are taking prescription medicine or if you are dealing with a certain health and medical condition we advise to consult with your doctor first before adding our products.  

Every ingredient and its dosage is backed by scientific studies, every formulation is science and evidence based. elivity sleep is developed and manufactured in Germany, in an IFS certified (Global Markets Food + HACCP) manufacturing facility. Germany is known for its industry-leading strict health supplement standards regarding regulatory matters, ingredients and their purity, as well as manufacturing. With elivity supplements you choose not only the best quality within the longevity industry but also a brand that values trust, credibility, reliability and responsibility for customers.

At elivity we pride ourselves to work and collaborate with highly reputable and industry-leading scientists and experts. We aim for the highest quality standards in everything we do – starting from the formulation process all the way to manufacturing and shipping.

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